If I were born again I would be a cook.

“Accidentally born in Italy” on 8 May 1978, half Italian and half Dutch, Eugenio Boer grew up in the Netherlands, in Voorburg, until the age of 7, when the family moved to Italy, to Sestri Levante (GE), to follow his father, a salesman at the time. His passion for cooking began at a very tender age, when Eugenio was only 3 years old and his maternal grandmother, a professional cook, moved from Imperia to the Netherlands with her kneading machine, and for the first time, let him knead.

He started working in restaurants when he was 12, but his father was strictly determined to let him complete his studies. So he found a compromise by attending school in the mornings and working in the afternoons, maintaining a balance that led him to graduate in accountancy and in the meantime to learn the basics of cooking by practising in restaurants, in Sestri, including Pescador and S. Anna.

After six years of apprenticeship in Liguria, he landed in Sicily, at the Osteria dei Vespri in Palermo, where he remained for two years.

He then moved to Germany, to Berlin, where he stayed for three years at Bacco– the first Italian restaurant in the city – to continue at Vau, where he made his first approach with a truly large and articulate brigade and where he learnt the meaning of organisation and precision.

It’s in Germany – with its kitchen, characterised by a local flavour with a Mediterranean approach – where Eugenio realize how the international cuisine can turn into an inspirational source.

He then decided to return to Italy, to Palermo, where he worked at the Osteria dei Vespri for almost five years, becoming the sous-chef of Alberto Rizzo, possessor of a great culture related to first courses, from the sumptuous and rich ones clearly derived from Palermo to fresh stuffed pasta, due to his Parma origins.

Inspired by the different flavors, aromas and the mix of cultures of the territory, Boer starts to realize traditional local dishes.
He then understands that cuisine has an enormous cultural value, learning to find in the past, the key to the future.

He continued his training at Gaetano Trovato’s Arnolfo di Colle Val d’Elsa (SI), where he learnt what a great restaurant is, by making the concept of intensity of flavour combined with extreme elegance, his own.

Arrived at La Leggenda dei Frati, in Monteriggioni, remained in province of Siena for 4 years.

Not renouncing to discover Italian regions, he landed in Alto Adige in 2011, with Norbert Niederkofler at St.Hubertus , where he discovered the mountain cuisine in a brigade who transmitted him the great sense of family.

In Milan, stepped into Enocratia; a resourceful project centered on natural wines.

Here, the lucky meeting with Stefano Saturnino, led him open The Fishbar de Milan, a very innovative concept, youthful and within everyone’s reach.

After one year, dedicated himself to consultancies, and on December 2014, in December 2014, opened Essenza, place which led him to get the Michelin star, in November 2017.

On June 2018, [bu:r] opens, finally, his own restaurant.