[ The Mark ]

A sign that leaves one body imprinted on another.

Phonetics and Colon

The [bu:r] brand was born from the collaboration between the chef Eugenio Boer and the designer Gianluca Carone, restaurant brand identity curator. After an intense research, a very simple and elegant logo was born; the phonetic transcription of chef’s surname. The iconic two red dots, repeated many times in the coordinated image and details of the restaurant, represent the extreme synthesis of the balance between innovation and tradition. Subsequently, the graphic communication of the Chef and the [bu:r][bu:r] family was entrusted to art director Eleonora Moretta.

The Importance of Details

A special attention is also given to the choice of materials that make up the restaurant’s corporate image. From the tasting menu to the business cards, the wine list, everything is printed on foods recycled paper such as corn, grapes, cherries and almonds, to emphasise the focus on eco-sustainability and on restoring dignity through innovative use.

These details are the combination of a modern and visionary thinking, courageous and dynamic, which unites the approach to the cooking and the identity of the place.

The design of the [bu:r] [bu:r]environments was born from the collaboration between the Chef Eugenio Boer and architect Mario Abruzzese, founder of kick.office. Through a constant and intense confrontation made of research and reciprocal contaminations, a place characterized by a strong link with the personality, cuisine and history of the Chef.

The spaces, articulated in a flexible way through dividing elements, are designed to create intimate and welcoming environments, in constant balance between innovation and tradition. In this way, the interior of the restaurant are a combination of Italian and international techniques and commodities, meant to guarantee warmth and intimacy, focusing on traditions but still emphasizing the innovative and unconventional chef’s spirit. Similarly, techniques and materials from other contexts refer to the links with Holland, where Boer spent his childhood, as well as to the contaminations with traditions and cultures with which he came into contact.

The bold shades of the walls and floors energetically distinguish the restaurant’s spaces, suggesting a sophisticated analogy with the strong, decisive flavors of the kitchen; similarly, precious materials such as marble, walnut wood and brass reflect the importance and refinement of the commodities that characterize Boer’s thinking..

Unexpected decorative pieces enrich the spaces uniquely: the tridimensional ceramic coated monolith, the wallcovering with its Chinese inspired pattern, blue colored, characteristic of Delf’s pottery and last but not least, the rustic gold plastered wall.